One of the coolest infographics I have ever come across.  Simple, informative, and interactive! 

Exposure, noise, and color correction. 

I found this video today while looking around on some red forums. The last half of the video is really insightful into low light situations and reducing noise. I have come across so many different opinions when shooting with the Scarlet. So part of the challenge is sorting through the crap and what actually applies to how you are using the camera. I am still a rookie at it but I have to say the Red is not meant for every shooting situation. And it definitely will not just magically solve all your problems. At this point with being so new to it I feel I am creating more problems than seeing the benefits. Hopefully with time I will have less user error and learn from my mistakes. In the process creating my own palette on how to use and operate the scarlet. 


Anna + Roberto 

Light House Cancun, Mexico 

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CCA Football 2011

Behind The Scenes (Forever Yours Live Recording)

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